Getting Drunk and Lost Part 9 : Uruguay

We had just spent 2 rough days in Porto Allegra and Carla had barely slept on the bus because of her slipped disc.
No only that but because we had fucked up in Singapore booking the bus, we now had to spend another 5 hours getting to Punta del Diablo.
I literally propped her up against the nearest wall with the bags and ran around the mall. A – trying to find pain killers, B – trying to buy bus tickets and C – trying to feed her and not in that order.
With the mission completed and McDonald’s eaten we endured a grueling second bus ride.
Managing to get settled at the hostel before the sun went down.
More painkillers were taken and I helped Carla walk a short distance to the beach to see the sun set and it didn’t let us down.
The sky lit up like pink candy floss and I think her pain was forgotten for ten minutes.
That night we sat in front of a fire pit, ate amazing BBQ and drank beer until we could both pass out on our bunk beds.

Light drizzle wouldn’t stop play on the next day.
Equipped with our rain jackets we headed into town for lunch and typical to form the sun came out.
So we hit the beach and the rocks!
Yeah silly really with her bad back but we managed to climber over the rocky shoreline past a run down and very well graffiti beach house towards a monument.
Not before acting like a dick for a photo session which ended with me losing one of my flip flops.
The rain couldn’t make its mind up and after battling to stay on the beach we conceded and headed back to the hostel for a bottle of Malbec and some BBQ chicken.
We also spent much of the night chatting away to Andy and Anna who we thought were a couple until we got told about Andy’s boyfriend back home.
We loved Punta del Diablo we wanted to stay on for a few more days but being full booked we were kicked out and had to swiftly find somewhere else to stay.
Lucky our new digs hope Ed to be only 10 minutes down the road, so not far for me to carry all the bloody bags.
After settling in we wandered, known there was a national park north we headed up to higher ground and through the woods.
Clearly a wealthier part of town with amazing new holiday homes and we soon found out why.
Through a small break in the trees and down some dodgy sand hills we came to a spectacular beach.
The sun was setting and yet again I managed to get some great snaps.
Back at the hostel and just as we sat down to eat on the balcony over looking the beach hailstones, Thunder and lightening came crashing in.
We spent the rest of the night watching flooding on the roads and listening to the elements hit.
Preying we could catch our bus the next morning.

The coach the next day stopped suddenly in the middle of nowhere just before La Pedrera.
A local came on and started asking for Carla and me. Turns out he was the owner of a hotel we had booked.
Juan and his wife Barbara then helped us with our bags up the path that led to their place.
It was Valentine’s Day and we had sorted out an beautiful little place to spend the night. A decent bed and shower was our present to each other.
Our other present would be sandwiches on the beach catching rays and beers at night with some peace and quiet.

The peace and quiet wouldn’t last!
The next morning Juan’s none English speaking friend gave us a lift to our next hostel.
Me in the back of the truck, tongue wagging like a dog.
The next place was called Compay!
A blood party hostel. Big sigh from Carla but we dropped our stuff off and made a quick escape to …. you guessed it… the beach.
This time necking frozen Capihranas and topping up on the burn we had suffered the day before.
La Padrera was largely uneventful, pottering around the small town and trying to make food while 20 or so kids did the same.
The last night however did see us both get very drunk from litro bottles of beer and fall fast asleep in hammocks next to a fire pit.
It’s a hard life this traveling lark!

Next up. Back to Montevideo!!
That night we met the weirdest group of backpackers too date.
Pretty much people from every part of the globe including a Russian stoner who was just so strange and liked the sound of his own voice.
After everyone was suitably hammered the food came out.
Everybody raves about Argentina’s BBQ but this was incredible. Including black pudding with cheese which Carla caved in and ate – and loved!!!
With only a few days in the capital and wanting to make the most of it, we went for another city walking tour.
The best one yet by far and mainly down to the guide who should think about a career in stand up.
From learning that there is a 14:1 cow to people ratio and that’s why they eat them in case they take over.
To understand why it’s easier to be gay than a vegetarian.
And all the quirky things the country does but still remains happy and one of the most progress places in the world.
Awesome tour and incredibly interesting city.
The next day and it’s over 30 degrees and blue sky and there is only one thing I want to do today.
Sit inside with a beer and watch Rovers v Man U in the FA cup.
A quick paced walk to take a few pictures at the Montevideo sign and back in time for kick off.
Sat in opposing shirts, I kissed my beloved and told her she was scum for the next 90 minutes.
Rovers scored first and I screamed the hostel down. So loud that I woke people up with panic until they saw me dancing around Carla in celebration.
Sadly like most of rovers life these days the good times didn’t last. Man U brought out they’re big gun and we ultimately lost 2:1 gutted!! Cue Carla’s smug face for the rest of the day.
My footballing woes were washed away that night with copious amounts of homemade Sangria and take away Empanadas.
Smashed again, this time so much I had to leave Carla to party the night away and head to bed.
Traveling with a hangover doesn’t ever put me in a good mood.

Even though we had been told to only stay a day, we punted for 3 days in Colonia de Sacramento in order to chill out and do some life admin.
What a bad decision that turned out to be.
Don’t get me wrong the place is beautiful, we just had a rough couple of days.
First arriving!
The hostel wasn’t the best but we’d had worse, the main problem was food and we were starving.
Scouring a couple of restaurants but due to budget we settled for some deli chicken and rice from a local (the only) supermarket.
This was no problem until Carla found an insect in her food.
Game over for lunch.
The morning after I was bitten all over from bed bugs! Not the best start to the day, cue ratty and irritable me.
Popping antihistamines like skittles we headed out to the old town. Amazing coastal port that was left back in time. Well some of the key tourist attractions were but most of the locals had clocked on and a few trendy bars and restaurants must of popped up.
I managed to complain enough to get Carla to allow me to have a lunch time beer by the sea front.
This turned into a lunch time session with Parrilla BBQ included.
Shit, think we might have spent a big chunk of our money.
Who cares it turned out to be a fun day. Back to the hostel to take on the bed bugs.
We did have enough to feed ourselves and get our clothes washed at the launderette. I know this sound mundane it when your traveling it’s a bit of a treat. Enough of one to have us singing Limpo Ropa! For most of the day.
With little else to do for our final day as we’d seen everything here we literally spent the whole day reading in one of the small parks inside the old town. The only one without insects.
Really cute historical place but maybe should of listened to people on this occasion.
Next up Buenos Aires and Argentina!



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