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Celebrating the New Year 2018 - New Years blog

New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution!!! The final party poppers have been blown and now the tree is drooping. All of the excess chocolate has been hidden away until late January, when the cravings kick back in and the enthusiasm for the new diet has started to fade. So what’s next, to keep […]

Snowed Under

Snowed Under

Snowed Under T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. That’s not entirely true here! Despite dreams of a white Christmas, where the nights get darker and the weather turns bitter. We are getting the fires raging! With no […]

Having a scratch

Ecuador and Galapagos

Getting Drunk and Lost Part 14 : Ecuador and Galapagos Flying out of Peru made a pleasant change from the dredge of bus life and made even better after a quick stop in Guayaquil to sample the tropical weather. Finally landing in Quito and soon we had to get on […]


Getting Drunk and Lost Part 13 : Peru About a month before we were due to arrive in Peru the worst rains for 20 years caused widespread flooding and devastated huge parts of the country. The rains showed no sign of abating so we decided to go to Cusco, do […]


Getting Drunk and Lost Part 12 : Bolivia After playing around in the sand it was time for some real backpacking. Arriving at the Bolivian border early doors, we were surprised by a breakfast buffet supplied by the coach driver. What we didn’t realise is that this would be the […]


Getting Drunk and Lost Part 11 : Chile On arrival in Santiago we booked a bus up to La Serena and waited a few hours people watching. Our bus arrived at 5.30 and groggy and freezing cold we emerged into the bus terminal. We grabbed a surprisingly good coffee and […]


Getting Drunk and Lost Part 10 : Argentina From Buenos Aires and Ushuaia. We set off from Uruguay on a ferry to Buenos Aires and arrived hot and sweaty at our hotel after a 15 minute walk from the port! We had a nice hotel for a couple of nights […]


Getting Drunk and Lost Part 9 : Uruguay We had just spent 2 rough days in Porto Allegra and Carla had barely slept on the bus because of her slipped disc. No only that but because we had fucked up in Singapore booking the bus, we now had to spend […]


Getting Drunk and Lost Part 8 : Brazil After drinking our BA airways flight dry. We arrived tired, jet lagged and hungover at Rio de Janiero international airport around 9pm. We battled with a cash machine that refused to acknowledge our bank cards then we managed to get a taxi, […]

Indonesia and Singapore

Getting Drunk and Lost Part 7 : Indonesia and Singapore We had been told that Jakarta (Capital of Indonesia) was a city to missed. Sadly this turned out to be right, but luckily we only had one night as a quick visit. As the taxi drove us through bright time […]


Getting Drunk and Lost Part 6 : Philippines   Manila was a crowded, noisy and traffic heavy city, in contrast we thought Palawan would be peaceful and quiet. Not so. We arrived in Puerto Princesa late at night to a tiny airport. The taxi drivers were rude and it was […]


Getting Drunk and Lost Part 5 : Malaysia From the Cameron Highlands to Borneo and back… With a quick overnight stay back in Bangkok, we didn’t plan any heavy night out. Neither were we going to get one. The Thailand King has died and the whole country was in mourning. […]


Getting Drunk and Lost Part 4 : Myanmar From the capital city Yangon, Inle Lake, Mandalay, Bagan and back… After being with a group of kids for over a week and having all the logistics taken care of for us. We were back on our own and heading to one […]

Cramped street


Getting Drunk and Lost Part 3 : Vietnam From Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi Bright and early the next day we got a bus to Ho Chi Minh city. It was our first fancy bus which read as “full of white people”. After the awfulness of the Cambodia crossing […]

Tuk Tuk


Getting Drunk and Lost Part 2 : Cambodia Visiting Siem Reap, Kratie and Phnom Penh Carla had read on various travel blogs that crossing the border from Thailand to Cambodia was fraught with scammers and an inept border control. Sure enough our bus tried to rip us off claiming we […]

Changs and Rain


Getting Drunk and Lost Part 1 : Thailand Exploring 3 east coast islands of mainland Thailand – Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. After so many goodbyes, late nights planning and talking excitedly and sharp intakes of breath as we paid yet another wad of cash for a trip, […]