Les Green is a producer and musician whose has collaborated with various UK / internationally based artists and producers.
Last Picture is his latest album and this self release is available now on iTunes.
His next project - Fox and the Bird - is due to be available in 2018.

Current Projects

Fox and the Bird which is due for 2018 release see's Les imploying a similar concept technique. This time around however its an inward look at his own life and relationship over the past 3 years.
This is focused on his new partner and experiences the world.

What the future holds

With a plethora of tracks available and content currently being developed Les hopes to have 2 more albums completed by the end of 2019.
As yet untitled and History To Antiquity.
Both further enhancing his writing and production skills.


Les Green is living proof that appearances can be deceiving.
Often mistaken for being an indie rock fan or an EMD producer, it quickly becomes apparent of his Hip Hop and RnB roots.
Whether leather jacket clad or jeans and a hoodie he is always scouting for the next lyric or outlandish sample to fuse into his own self analysing form of writing.
Les Green's unique sense of style mixes catchy hooks with either sung or rapped technical verses to provide a complete and complex package for his music.
Over the years his sounds has evolved from quirky obscure samples to elaborate synth based beats for the most part to entertain not only himself but his fan base.
"I have an addictive personality, once i get melody, a line or a idea stuck in my head i become obsessed with it
Drawing inspiration mainly from self assessment, this unique style of productions is growing from strength to strength.

How "Green Productions" Came To Be
Les Green was born Feb 24th, 1984 in Blackburn, England.
When his parents split aged 2, Les was raised by his mother and step father.
Travelling to stay with his father every weekend.
This dual life would later affect his ability to settle and become and constant source of mental conflict.
After high school, Les attended SAE institute in London, gaining his Degree in Recording Arts and further honing his writing and producing craft.
Then becoming a young studio manager in the Hackney area, his business mind started to broaden.
Mixing with like minded musicians and artists.
Initial "Green Productions" was created to provide a professional platform for young artists but it has morphed into a platform to showcase his own talents.